Facility Alteration Permit Guidelines & Application

Construction or installation of all equipment, facilities, devices or alterations made to any Grande Prairie Airport (GPA) controlled and/or leased property must receive GPA approval.

Review of all proposed work will require submission of a Facility Alteration Permit (FAP) Application Form to GPA, which sufficiently describes the proposed work. Following a satisfactory FAP Application review, GPA may grant approval for the proposed work and advise the applicant.

Proposed work that has impacts to airport operations may additionally require a Plan of Construction Operations, to communicate the project proponent’s plan to accommodate for construction impacts.

When deemed necessary by the CEO or designate, a Plan of Construction Operations SHALL be submitted for approval along with the FAP Application Form. GPA directors and managers affected by a proposed project will review the Plan of Construction Operations to ensure compliance with operational standards and effects on airport operations.



 2.1  All applications will be given prompt consideration and are subject to the following conditions:
All terms and conditions as outlined on the FAP and any attachments must be followed.
As a condition of issuance, all work authorized by this FAP is done at the risk of the applicant and must comply with all relevant building and utility codes, and all interruption of, or connection to GPA utilities must be coordinated with the CEO or designate.
The applicant, to whom this FAP is issued, is required to ensure that all personnel employed on the work described in the FAP are cleared through the GPA for security purposes, when required. When work is to be done in a security area requiring an escort, the lessee is responsible for making appropriate arrangements, and for all costs. Work in secure areas of the airport shall be coordinated with the GPA.
GPA reserves the right to order an immediate halt to any work being carried out under a FAP should any deviation from approved plans, or unsafe practices, be observed, or should unforeseen exceptional circumstances dictate that it would not be in the best interests of GPA to allow the project to proceed to completion.
The applicant will indemnify the, GPA in all matters relating to the project, including all costs regardless of its origin.




All FAP submissions must have a complete FAP Application Form, including information and/or drawings necessary to adequately describe the work being proposed. The FAP application form can be completed manually or electronically and signed by the applicant. The FAP application shall include the application form, a list of supporting documents, and the sufficient copies of the required supporting documents.
(See details on application form below).

Applicants must submit final plans and specifications for review and approval by GPA. Facility alterations include any facility modification, reconstruction works, rehabilitation or renovation. For work proposed on GPA property, FAP’s are required for any work that is not maintenance in nature.

Applicants must include a current drawing of the existing area of the proposed work (i.e. floor plan, site plan or elevation plan) clearly showing the proposed construction area.

The CEO or designate may add special conditions to the Facility Alteration Permit (FAP), based on the specific project (i.e.: requirement for a building permit, asbestos abatement, utilities locating, applicability of professional’s signature for certification, permit validity term, etc.) and attach these special conditions to the permit as condition of approval.

Environmental Consideration

Each proposed facility alterations “shall be subject to environmental screening and initial assessment to determine whether, and to the extent to which, there may be potentially adverse environmental effect from the proposal”. The above requirement shall meet all requirements of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and Regulations and any and all municipal and provincial environmental legislation.

Grande Prairie Airport, Review and Approval

Upon receipt of the application from the Tenant, the GPA will review the proposal and provide comments based on criteria including but not limited to the following:


Upon final approval by the CEO or designate, a FAP will be issued. Receipt of the signed permit constitutes permission for the applicant to proceed with proposed work.

Construction must commence within three months from the date that the permit was signed. If the applicant fails to commence within the specific time period, a re-submission of the proposal may be required.

Final approval of the applicant’s proposal by GPA is indicative of the following:

The drawings as submitted, meet requirements of the National Building Code, should the project require a building permit application;
GPA assumes no responsibility concerning the tenant’s ability to complete construction or otherwise meet the terms and conditions of the lease;
GPA does not assume responsibility concerning other regulatory bodies (provincial, municipal, etc.).



Any changes to the work approved by the original permit shall require submission of proposed revisions, for the written approval of the CEO or designate.


Adherence to Codes and Laws

The CEO or designate may require applicants to provide documentary proof that all Municipal, Provincial and Federal laws and directives related to their construction have been observed.



It is the responsibility of the FAP applicant to ensure that all personnel employed in the project are cleared through the Grande Prairie Airport where required and that all security regulations are adhered to.

During construction, the applicant’s work shall be subject to visual inspection by the GPA’s designate to ensure salient aspects of the proposal, as approved, are not violated (i.e. height, locations, cladding, orientation, etc.)

Should there be a conflict, the CEO or designate has the authority to immediately halt construction.

When a Building Permit is required for construction, such construction shall be subject to inspection. If a building permit is required, the applicant shall complete the building permit application and pay the corresponding building permit fee.

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