Crane Operations

The assessment process for crane operations:

  1. Contractor/Developer identifies need for crane and gathers site/crane details
  2. Contractor/Developer completes Transport Canada and NAV Canada application forms - Form links below
  3. Contractor/Developer submits forms to both agencies along with aerial photo or site plan
  4. Agencies review applications (Transport Canada requires a minimum of 90 days notice)
  5. Contractor/Developer to complete Grande Prairie Airport Crane Application and send with Transport Canada and NAV Canada assessments to Grande Prairie Airport
  6. Contractor/Developer receives notification from Grande Prairie Airport
  7. Contractor/Developer contacts Airport Director Operations 780-539-5270 48 hours prior to crane operation
  8. Crane operations commence - Airport Director Operations monitors crane activity
  9. Contractor/Developer notifies Airport Director Operations when crane operations are complete
  10. Contractor/Developer submits Removal Notification form to NAV Canada (if required)

What assessment are required before a crane can be erected?

  • The erection of any crane whose height may potentially pose a risk to aviation safety or effect the operation of air navigation aids requires approval in advance.
  • Assessments are issued by Transport Canada, NAV Canada and, in some instances, the Grande Prairie Airport.
  • Applications for assessments should be submitted to Transport Canada and NAV Canada well in advance to the start of the crane operation (Transport Canada requires at least 90 days’ notice).
  • Applications to the Grande Prairie Airport must include complete assessments by Transport Canada and NAV Canada with reference numbers.

What information is required for assessments?

  • Information about the project and the worksite is required on all approval forms in order to help determine the impact of your crane operation on aeronautical operations, including:
    • Project contact information;
    • Site coordinates and addresses;
    • Elevations – ground (ASL), building/structure height;
    • Crane details – type, swing radius, boom length, maximum height;
    • Scope of work;
    • Duration of operation (start/end dates, times).

Crane Assessment Forms:


For information concerning crane operations in and around the Grande Prairie Airport, contact: 

Grande Prairie Airport
Director Operations

Transport Canada
Aerodrome Safety

NAV Canada
AIS Data Collection Unit / Land Use Office