Air Terminal Building Access – Mandatory Mask Restriction

The Grande Prairie Airport is adjusting its access policies in response to steady increases in passenger traffic and changes in provincial COVID-19 recommendations.

“Effective Saturday July 18, 2020 it will become mandatory that a mask or suitable face covering must be worn to access our Air Terminal Building” advises Brian Grant, CEO. “We continue to monitor our air travel patterns and regional COVID-19 activity to ensure the safest possible travel environment while protecting our communities from potential risks of COVID-19”.

This restriction does not apply to curb drop off or curbside parking. Passengers can still be met outside in front of the Air Terminal should members of the public not have an appropriate face covering to access the building.

The Air Terminal Building is now open to the public 4:00am – 11:30pm. The current restrictions of access to passengers only will be removed with the coming into effect of the new restrictions.  

The Grande Prairie Airport has a dedicated monitoring team active 24 hours a day to ensure the most relevant information and updates are carefully reviewed and operations are adjusted accordingly.

We wish to remind the public that the Grande Prairie Airport does not have direct air service to any locations outside of Canada and arriving passengers from locations outside of Canada are being monitored under the direction of our federal and provincial authorities at appointed ports of entry including international airports.

Please contact your air carrier or visit our website at for updates.